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TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Biometrics Authentication Technologies: A further Echelon of Security

Ankhi Debnath
Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Techno India University, West Bengal


The use of biometric data for authentication and recognition is now a reality. On the other hand, there is still a very strong need for new technologies to overpass intrinsic limitations of already “established” techniques. This not only requires to implement new algorithms but to determine the real potential and limitations of existing techniques.Nowadays, in many realtimeapplications like forensic, security and other identification purposes biometrics is widely used. With the availability of inexpensive biometric sensors, it is becoming increasingly clear that, the broader usage of biometric technologies are being stymied by our lack of understanding of three problems concerning (i) recognition of biometric patterns (ii) sensing the measurements (iii) pattern recognition for the expressed purpose. For these reasons, we see biometrics as a grand challenge -"the basic problem in science and engineering with huge economic and scientific impact".

Keywords: Biometrics, Human Fingerprints, False Acceptance Rate, Noise in Sense Data, ID card