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TTIC is a high-impact, peer-reviewed journal that intends to publish emerging and established research for both practical and theoretical applications. Available in print and online, this subscription-based scholarly journal offers content of the highest scientific quality in their respective fields. Taken together it constitutes a vast and comprehensive archive of modern innovation and the emphasis on rapid publication ensures minimal delay in communication of exciting new ideas and discoveries.

Submission of original research work means that authors are submitting an original research work undertaken by them and the authors agree and comply duly with research publication ethics for publishing work in a peer-reviewed journal. The papers being submitted should be plagiarism free and the onus of responsibility to provide authentic, verifiable (or reproducible) data lies solely with them. Research papers accepted as short communications would refer to very important discovery or invention or protocols that promise to very far-reaching impact in both academic and industry setup. Review articles refer to well-researched, extensively cited (wherever required) that summarizes the current state of understanding in a particular field. TTIC welcomes articles under all these domains and aims to publish these articles (following peer-review and complying with research ethics) free of charge for authors. Submission of papers also means that the paper is an original work that has not been published previously or it is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. Further, if published, TTIC would hold all copyright reserved with itself and that the authors should refrain from reproducing a part or whole of the published article elsewhere without the written permission of Editor of TTIC or the publisher (Techno India University, West Bengal).

Additionally, conferences whose research articles are published in TTIC must abide by specific guidelines when it comes to the review process used to accept papers -- specifically the same guidelines that journal papers undergo. In particular, the review process must include:

• at least three written reviews by experts unconflicted with the paper and its authors
• a process that supports bona fide major revisions, where revised papers are re-evaluated by the reviewers of the original submission
• review of complete papers with all the content needed to assess correctness, novelty, and significance of the work

The obvious first question would be, WHY are you writing a Scientific research paper? To begin with, find out your research area or field in your subject. Download and read some recent research papers or articles on your corresponding field of interest. By reading this paper you will find some relevant problems that can be useful if you can solve it or different types of ideas will emerge regarding those research papers. So, to find a good research topic reading research paper at your field of interest has no alternative. Choose a topic which interests and challenges you. Your attitude towards the topic may well determine the amount of effort and enthusiasm you put into your research. Focus on a limited aspect. Think about what interests you! Take some time to sit and just brainstorm topics. Remember, no idea is a bad idea, that is what will keep the ideas flowing. Search within your own background. What you know is probably enough to get started on your search for a good research topic.
Remember, that the idea should be locate your research topic within your field of interest. It doesn't have to be perfectly matched but a close association with the topic helps you in developing a perspective on it. Research work typically demands a lot of critical thinking and persistence and with genuine personal interest in the topic, it makes it so much easier to persist with the struggle of achieving it. It will also be that much more personally gratifying to develop new perspectives that you hadn't considered before or look up theoretical reflections on a particular issue from another researcher's point of view. Start from what you know and when you need to narrow your topic to a particular research questions, you can read more to develop more clarity and precision in what it is that you want to research. Look for inspiration in whatever it is that intrigues you, that fascinates you. TTIC welcomes you to join the research community across the world to share your new ideas, which help in the enhancement of knowledge and potential for better prospect.
Authors can submit papers and articles to TTIC in an acceptable file format: MS¬ Word (doc, docx), .zip or .rar including all of your files), Adobe PDF (.pdf), rich text format (.rtf), simple text document (.txt), Open Document Text (.odt). Kindly format your research paper as per the prescribed template and guidelines that is available on our official website. The submitted work should encompass all the important components of a scientific communication, including abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results & discussion duly illustrated with high resolution graphics/figures, conclusions, artwork, tables and any other matter that duly substantiates the research article. All the research work of authors is only accepted in ENGLISH language. This will facilitate quick indexing and the pre-peer review process. All the submitted articles should be author(s)’ original work, not considered for publication in other Journals, it can be experimental data or theoretical application. Articles submitted to TTIC would meet rigorous peer review standards prior to consideration for publication in TTIC. All authors are advised to strictly refrain from submitting plagiarized material. Additionally, when preparing a research paper, we advise preparing a preliminary list and order of authors. It is highly recommended that every research team establish and make known to its members the principles for authorship on papers resulting from the work which is to be conducted. This will guarantee that all authors involved in the project clearly understand whether they can expect to be an author and what their contribution is to be for the project to be a success.
At this crucial juncture when researchers are confronted with rapidly expanding needs in the field of research and development, sharing and promoting your articles and papers form an extremely significant part of research. In the wider dissemination of scientific knowledge by allowing impactful papers with novel and enterprising endeavours among peers and relevant stakeholders, publishing in TIU Transactions on Intelligent Computing with a widespread international audience could give your research endeavours a scintillating boost. In addition to facilitating research collaborations and building your own reputation and influence, it will help you to engage with communities of researchers across the globe and will make you a prominent figure in your areas of expertise. Since TTIC is an international journal, sharing your article and paper published in TTIC with common people across various social media platforms can increase your article's readership, can give a further boost to your career and professional profile and can encourage others to cite your published work. Based on the magnitude of your research output, sharing and promoting your article can definitely enable you to secure further funding of your work.
With a staggering increase in submission of research papers in international journals, it has become increasingly important for researchers to organize and keep a track of their own output-based research papers. Techno India University, West Bengal encourages research scholars and academicians to keep track of articles and papers that they have submitted for publication in TTIC. Since the culture and requirements of research have changed over time in the global scenario, Techno India University, West Bengal thinks that it is a daunting task to safeguard the researcher's intellectual rights, to locate relevant information and facilitate exact citation of the papers submitted for publication in our international journal, TTIC. From an organizational perspective, Techno India University presents tools and services that are available to registered users so that they can save their details and papers, add descriptions and access the research papers easily. Assessment of the quality of the large number of research articles is insurmountable. The researchers can effectively track the status of their submitted paper online with the help of the article tracking service. The registered users can track the submission of articles in the system. They can subscribe to timely updates on publication opportunities as well. The details of the author along with the article's details can be further viewed online.

The template for preparing a research article for TTIC can be found here.  Authors are requested to confirm with the instructions while preparing the manuscript. Please send the prepared manuscript as pdf or word doc to editor@tiutic.org

PLEASE NOTE: All submitted papers would initially be screened by a renowned and internationally accepted ‘plagiarism checker’ for detecting plagiarism and submissions found to have plagiarism would summarily be outright rejected. All papers would be thoroughly reviewed by the editorial board of TTIC and internationally acclaimed, leading peers from both academia and industry sector before acceptance.