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Editor's Desk

I, on behalf of the entire editorial team and publication team of the TTIC journal, that aims to be a relevant forum of publication of research articles in the field of Intelligent Computing and their applications would like to thank all the authors who have contributed with their original research work in the said field and have given us the opportunity to come out with the second volume of the TTIC journal. Needless to mention, I get a lot of pleasure in seeing the very high quality and innovations being described in the published papers of the journal.

I would also like to thank the peer-team from reputed academic researchers and industry personal(s) who have spared their valuable time in going through the research articles and helping us with the very difficult task of reviewing novelty and scope of each research article before acceptance. It was because of these concerted efforts from everyone involved that we could accept the papers that fitted well with our publication goals. We also congratulate the authors of the second volume of the TTIC journal, for doing excellent research in their respective fields that promises to have far-reaching impact in the lives of scores of people who are influenced directly or indirectly by technological innovations and perceptions.

We, the editorial board firmly believe that in the pursuit of exploring novel ventures in Intelligent Computing, we are touching the cores of technological revolutions.

TTIC encourages submission of novel endeavors, enterprising solutions and innovative insights advancing the scope and prospects of intelligent computing. I also hope that we can continue to grow with this fundamental objective in our future issues as well and lay the foundations of modern technology in computational sciences.

Prof. B. B. Chaudhuri
Editor-in-Chief, TIU Transactions on Intelligent Computing (TTIC)
Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition Unit
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Techno India University, West Bengal