TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Worm Signature generation using Honeypot Technology

Avijit Mondal, Anoy Chowdhury, R.T Goswami
Techno India University, West Bengal, Kolkata 700091, India


In cyber world, the major problem is to detect malicious objects mainly newly invented programs. Though there is some pre-used methodology to detect old attacks, because they have previous signature generation approach. But when a new attack comes in situation, it’s very difficult to detect the attack pattern. In this paper we have proposed a methodology to detect malicious objects specially worm attacks and a proposed algorithm to generate signature for Worm. Our proposed technique is optimal cost technique too. We have used Double-Honeypot architecture to implement the technology.

Keywords: Honeypot, Malicious Objects, Worm, Double-Honeypot