TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Stress Detection In It Professionals By Using Image Processing And ML

Priya T V*, Rajalakshmi B*, Ekasi Sai Jaswanth*, Vempalli Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy*, Yerramareddy Manas Kumar Reddy*
* Computer Science and Engineering, New Horizon College of Engineering Banglore, India


— Our undertaking's key objective is to utilize lively AI and Picture Handling systems to analyze strain in IT professionals. Our framework is a refreshed variation of past pressure observing projects that did exclude live distinguishing proof or individual treatment, yet this framework incorporates live discovery and everyday assessment of laborers, as well as recognizing physical and profound feelings of anxiety in them and conveying legitimate pressure the board cures utilizing a review structure. Our framework is generally centered around pressure the board and making a protected and unconstrained work air for laborers to benefit from them during working hours.

Keywords: Stress, Facial expression, Theano, Framework, Deep learning