TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm For Lung Cancer Identification from X-Ray Images

Sivasangari A*, Salman Khan*, Deepa D*, Jabez*, Anandhi*, Vignesh*
* School of Computing, Sathyabama Institute Of Science and Technology,Chennai, India.


There are many different types of ailments that have presented different difficulties for people. society.Out of that disease cancer has shown the foremostdevastating results.Varied researchers are Cancer may be sorted out in its early stages and may be prevented by conducting research and looking into the disease's pattern of growth.cured simply. During this analysis, there is a hybrid method of detection, extractingfurtheras classifying the assorted respiratory organ cancer victimization deep learning Technique. During this gift methodology First, databases of various carcinomas are acquired, and then the database photographs are labelled using feature extraction. perhaps deep learning a latest branch of AI which can facilitate to boost the performanceof CNN basedmostly systems.

Keywords: CNNAlgorithm, Lungcancer, HistopathologicalImage