TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Challenges in equipotential zonal protection of Micro grid-level entities

Aravelli S L K Gopalamma , K. Alfoni Jose ,B.V.Veeranjaneyulu, Anitha kilari G Jagadeesh, B V Shiva Prasad
* Department of EEE, DADI INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, Anakapalli, Andra Pradesh, India


Negligence led to creating a big wave of problems. Pollution, improper handling of health issues is the signs of it. “Act now, before it is too late”. The solution to one problem lies in the proper handling of others. Power quality and proper performance of medical equipment are necessary to face the covid pandemic situation. In this perceptive, the paper presents the challenges involved to maintain protective equipotential zone in micro/ nano grid-level infrastructures, which includes the procedures to implement protective earthing for new and embedded PV plant structures and medical infrastructures. The main challenges such as type of infrastructure based on operations, level of power requirement and fault level and the allowable grid resistance. To study the significance of the challenges involved in providing protective earthing, we simulated the variation in fault current handling using specific source and load. The simulation results incorporated with and without a proper protection level.

Keywords: Equi-potential Zone, IEC60364, IEEE STD 80-2000, Medical facilities, Protective Earthing