TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

An Improved MUSIC Algorithm for DOA Estimation of Near-Coherent Quasi-Static Sources

Saurav Ganguly, Indranil Sarkar, Mainak Mukhopadhyay
Dept. of ECE, National Institute of Technology Patna, Patna, India
Dept. of MME, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad, Dhanbad, India
Dept. of ECE, Birla Institute of Technology Mesra (Deoghar Campus), India


In this paper, we propose an improved subspace based method, analogous to MUltiple SIgnal Classification algorithm for direction-of-arrival estimation of quasi-static sources in the far field of the receiver antenna array. The data matrix of the standard MUSIC algorithm is conjugate transformed prior to the eigenvalue decomposition process. Simulation results of the pseudospectrum shows that better resolution is achieved in direction finding of near correlated sources for the improved method. Simulations are also performed in terms of root-mean-square-error and the results are compared with the standard MUSIC and modified MUSIC algorithms.

Keywords: DOA estimation, MUSIC algorithm, subspace based reconstruction, probability of resolution