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Behavioral study of Doppler Radio signal response on ionospheric layers owing to Super Blue Blood Moon

Abhijit Banerjee
Radio Astronomy and Communication Laboratory, Techno India University, West Bengal


The total lunar eclipse appeared when the Moon is near its perigee position on January 30, 2018. This condition is termed as the Super-Moon. It is the combination of various lunar events like lunar eclipse along with blue Moon, and Super-Moon. Appear all in one on January 31, 2018 creating the ‘Super Blue Blood Moon’. The previous lunar eclipse was in September 2015. In this paper we will discuss the modeling of lunar orbit geometry at ecliptic condition and the reception of Doppler Radio Datain response to Earth ionosphere during this kind of lunar eclipse.

Keywords: Doppler Radio Data; Lunar Eclipse; Penumbra; Super-Moon; Umbra.