TIU Transactions on Inteligent Computing

Effect of Fin Width and Fin Height on Threshold Voltage for Triple Gate Rectangular FinFET

Subham Banerjee, Eshita Sarkar, Atin Mukherjee
Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Techno India University, West Bengal Kolkata, India


FinFET is a device of great importance in the semiconductor industry. Various short channel effects can be avoided by the use of finFET. The paper describes the variation of the threshold voltage with the variation in the intrinsic parameters of the finFET like fin width and fin height. Here we plot the threshold voltage of finFET in MATLAB with the minimum carrier charge density and observe the effect on threshold voltage by varying the fin width and the fin height.

Keywords: Tripple gate rectangular finFET, MATLAB, fin height, fin width.